Monday, July 16, 2012

"Foo Clan 125 Anniversary Ancestral Prayer Ceremony" 7 Jul 2012

 Mon, 16/7/12, Chik Hee Foo <> wrote:

I will suggest the to title "Foo Clan 125 Anniversary Ancestral Prayer Ceremony" on 7 Jul 2012 for easy searching, and the footage has to be edited and added in the command text and names of the relevant figure persons in Chinese and English and distribute it to our counter parts.The footage can insert into 土豆网 or other popular sites。

The corporate dics and Prayer dics may show in the 1st night function in Yuyao city to promote Singapore Foo Clan and inspire the brotherhood spirits. Yuyao is the right venue that we should ride on it for our publicity.

Looks like we still need Shiqi to edit to perfect the footage, so we cannot wrap up our role even after 125 anni.

Thank you bro Frencis and his team! He who put in so much effort to promote the Foo Clan and culture.